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You know those girls you can see on the covers on the fitness magazines?

We all wish to have their bodies.

They are perfectly toned, with curves and obliques, tight core, popped abs, and shiny skin.

Well, they are real you know, they are not Photoshop-ed.

They actually exist, and they earn their bodies through commitment, dedication and hard work.Body Of A Fitness Model

At the gym where I was going, there was a girl that was training to become a fitness model.

She was so slim and literally had no fat at all.

Only lean and strong muscles.

But the thing is she worked and earned those muscles and she finally became a fitness model.

So, today I’ll give my very best to uncover the secrets and answer the question of what does it really takes to get the body of a female fitness model.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to become one too!

I’ll give you their fitness model workout plan, and their fitness model diet plan, so that you can see for yourself what does it really takes to get the body of a fitness model!

Now let’s get started.

fitness model workout1. Workout Program

Every fitness model has a fitness plan, or a workout program.

That workout program is different than the regular workout program that trainers recommend to you when you make the first step to the gym.

This fitness model workout plan is customized especially for them.

Workout programs that’s takes 30-40 minutes of your time, three times a week cannot give you the fitness body you want.

In order to make a fitness model body, you have to work harder than that, and to have the right workout program with the right splits.

They take a lot more of your energy, and a lot more time, but the results are stunning!

Fitness models load up the weights and are not afraid of bulking up at all.

In fact, they give their 100% and work their asses off, one-two hours a day, 6 times a week.

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Body Of A Fitness Model

2. Lift It

The first thing you need is a lot of strength training, 5 times a week no more, no less.

The strength training should be designed with the perfect weights and the perfect rep and set range needed for you to really tone your muscles.

Half ass workouts won’t get you the fitness model body, you’re gonna need a lot more than what you can take in your comfort zone.

Lifting is and should be hard and you shouldn’t be able to do more than 10 reps. 

Also, strength training always comes first, at the beginning of your workout.

Only 5-10 minutes to lightly warm up, and then hit the weights.

Here’s how it looks like:

  • warm up
  • strength training (split body training)
  • cardio
  • stretch

The weight training should last around an hour.

female fitness model

3. Make Every Rep CountQuality over quantity! That’s the rule when it comes to strength training.

It’s better to do 8-10 reps with heavier weights, giving your 100% and more rather than hal-assing for 20 reps.

The thing is, you have to do it right and make it count by giving your 100%.

Also, the perfect number of sets is usually 3-4 and 7-12 reps depending on your goal.


female fitness model

4. Phases

Making your body a sculpted piece of art is a process that actually takes some phases.

Many fitness models have a phase where they lift heavy weights, and not do cardio at all, or 2 times a week.

This phase is a strength phase, and it actually lasts a whole winter.

That is the phase where the muscles are sculpted.

Another phase is the process of keeping the muscle mass but dropping the body fat in order for the muscles to get more visible.

In this phase, you should do a lot of cardio, almost after every strength training, and have one whole cardio day, at the end of your training week.

Most of the woman tend to hold fat in the legs and waist, so this cardio phase is here to clean that fat, and pop out the muscles.

5. Fitness Model Diet

The food that the fitness models are consuming is a bit different from the food that the average person would think is healthy.

They eat mostly proteins, a lot of proteins especially at the end of the day so that the muscles recover well and grow.

It’s really important to eat a lot of veggies and fibers too.

It’s really important what you eat before the workout too.

In order to have the energy needed for the following workout, the food you are eating should be full of proteins and energy, but still you should keep it healthy and clean.

On cardio days and rest days, there are only protein meals included, no carbohydrates or fats, only clean proteins and green salads.

They even eat without any oils, olive oil, or any kind of oil.

This is because when it is the cleaning period, they want to get the best results they can, so they don’t risk it all by adding oil or frying their meals.

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6. Supplements

Supplements are something that’s never left out of the picture.

They don’t have to be strong ones, they can be natural and healthy, but still, they are needed in this process.

There are many effective and natural fat burning supplements, such as whey protein, omega 3 and l-carnitine.

Also a lot of muscle health vitamins and minerals that helps them keep the muscles healthy, and helps them recover faster.

Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and many others.

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