‘What Does It Really Take To Get The Body Of A Fitness Model? Fitness Model Workout’ – Monica May


You know all those girls you see scrolling on your Instagram feed, with sculpted bodies and toned muscles?

They look so good, right?

I know when I was first starting with fitness and weight loss I would kill for a body like that.

And still, to this day after so many years of hard work, clean diet and sweat, I still can’t manage to look as good as a fitness model.

So, how do they do it?

I decided to do research on what does it really take to get the body of a fitness model, including fitness model workout, dieting, and lifestyle.

And today I’ll give my very best to uncover the secrets and answer the question of what does it really take to get the body of a female fitness model.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to become one too!

Now let’s take a peek into a fitness model workout plan right away!

1. They Follow A Fitness Model Workout Program

Every fitness model follows a strict workout plan. A workout plan is designed just for them, depending on their body structure.

However, this workout plan is different than the regular workout program that fitness trainers recommend when you make the first step in the gym.

The fitness model workout plan is customized especially for them, and usually includes splits training sessions with lots of heavyweight and lots of cardio.

Which leads us to the next step…

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2. They Lift Heavy Weights

Pretty heavy.

Fitness models do strength training on a daily basis, using super challenging weights.

Their strength training sessions are usually designed with the specifically chosen weights, number of rep and sets.

Lifting is and should be hard and you shouldn’t be able to do more than 10 reps. 

Also, strength training always comes first, at the beginning of their workout.

Only 5-10 minutes to lightly warm up, and then they hit the weights.

3. They Always Warm Up And Stretch


And not only warm-up but cooldown too.

Here’s how it looks like:

  • warm up
  • strength training (split body training)
  • cardio
  • stretch

4. They Make Every Rep Count

Quality over quantity!

That’s the rule when it comes to strength training for a fitness model.

To really build strong muscles, fitness models usually do 6-8 reps with heavier weights, rather than doing 15 reps with lighter weight.

That’s where your muscles get stronger.

Also, the perfect number of sets is determined depending on the weights but is usually 3-4.

5. They Do Phases

Making your body a sculpted piece of art is a process that’s usually done in phases.

This means that fitness models have a phase where they lift heavy weights, and not do cardio at all.

This phase is known as the strength phase and it’s actually the one where the most muscle-building phase.

The next phase is the cardio phase.

Usually, this phase is complemented with a pretty strict diet.

6. They Eat Healthy

The food that the fitness models are consuming is a bit different from the food that the average person would think is healthy.

They eat mostly proteins. A lot of proteins especially at the end of the day so that the muscles recover well and grow.

It’s really important to eat a lot of veggies and fibers too.

It’s really important what you eat before the workout too.

In order to have the energy needed for the following workout, the food you are eating should be full of proteins and energy, but still you should keep it healthy and clean.

On cardio days and rest days, there are only protein meals included, no carbohydrates or fats, only clean proteins and green salads.

They even eat without any oils, olive oil, or any kind of oil.

This is because when it is the cleaning period, they want to get the best results they can, so they don’t risk it all by adding oil or frying their meals.

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7. They Take Supplements


Including whey protein and pre-workout formulas.

Fitness models usually take all sorts of supplements that promote muscle growth and fat burn.

They also help them recover faster, hydrate and get that extra burst of energy.

Vitamins and minerals are a must on their list too.

7. They Rest A Lot

Rest is a key point of their training process.

This means a good night sleep of 8 hours a day, to help the muscles recover, getting them ready for the next training.

They also have rest days (as I already mentioned). However, they never rest two or several days in a row.

Just one day, once or twice a week.

No more, no less.

8. They Pose

Also, they learn how to pose.

Now you may think to yourself, why is she telling me this? 

Well, because of a huge reason – I don’t want you to ever compare your ‘resting couch’ body pose, to a fitness model’s ‘profile picture on IG’ pose.

They flex their muscles and learn to pose so they get out all of their muscles and hide all of their flaws.

So, don’t feel bad about yourself next time you scroll down your favorite fitspo on your feed.

9. They Are Not Perfect, But They Love Themselves, Flaws And All

And last, but not least, fitness models workout, eat healthy, and do all of these things above, but yet they are not perfect.

You know why? Because nobody’s perfect.
We all have flaws and that’s a part of being a human.

However, self-love and self-respect are on the top of their list.

That’s why most of them are starting to get honest about their bodies, showing us the imperfect side of them…

We don’t always see the ‘behind the scene’ part, and usually, that’s the real part.

ME vs. STILL ME 🙋🏼‍♀️ – @deniceemoberg

So, what you should focus on is eating healthy, exercising daily, constantly making healthy decisions, and most important of all – LOVE YOURSELF.

 Rather than chasing someone else’s body, make sure to be your own beautiful.

That’s the beauty of it!

Till next time babes!

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