Want to start living healthier today?

I got you, babe!

These 15 simple tips are everything you need to start living a healthy lifestyle today.

You’ll get healthy, feel better, more energized, and lose weight and get fit along the way.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to follow all of them or follow them strictly.

You don’t have to do everything! You don’t have to do it all at once!
You just have to start!

Without further ado, let’s start right now!


15 Simple Tips For Healthy Lifestyle

1. Have a glass of water first thing in the morning

The first small thing you should try doing on a daily basis is to start your day with a healthy habit.

And one of those habits is re-hydrating with a full glass of water.

Hydrating first thing in the morning has so many health benefits, so always make sure to do it before you dive into the day.

15 Simple Tips For Healthy Lifestyle - Start Living Healthier TODAY! water


2. Have a balanced breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when it comes to living healthy lifestyle.

That’s because how you start your day will often determine where your day will be headed.

So, always make sure to start your day healthy by having a balanced breakfast.

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3. Wake up at the same time each morning

I always thought sleeping 7-9 hours each day was the key to feeling better and more energized.

And that is partially true, however what’s even more important is making a somewhat strict sleeping schedule for you body.

That being said, waking at the same time every day improves the quality of your sleep, so much, since a fixed wake time helps to build a strong desire for sleep, which will help you fall asleep easier at night.


4. Make time for workout

Rather you hit the gym, go for a jog, bike to work, or have an at home HIIT session, or any other physical activity you enjoy.

Anything will do!! As long as you make time for it and make it a habit.

Exercising is the key to living a healthier life, so make sure to make time for it!

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Healthy Lifestyle - Start Living Healthier


5. Limit your screen time

Especially early in the morning, or before bed.

Oh, how easy it is to get couth up into scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, TokTok, or any other social media, however every minute is valuable in, so make sure to devote it to quality habits.

Just. Stop.

Instead of scrolling, try journaling, brainstorming, listening to a podcast, or just resting.

We cannot live without those screens, but we’ll be just fine if we cut down the daily screen time.


6. Spend time outside

Take a breath of fresh air and soak some sunlight each day.

I made this habit to take my dog for a walk, every single morning upon waking up, and my morning have changed so much since then.

I feel more energized, more positive and much more healthy overall.

So rather you take your dog for a walk, or just have your coffee on the balcony – do it.

We are caught up inside 4 brick walls for most of the day, so fresh air and some natural light are essential for living a healthier lifestyle.


7. Fill your plate with veggies

Make sure to fill at least one half of your plate with veggies and greens.

That’s how you’ll make sure to take in all of those nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Even if you are having let’s say pizza for lunch, make sure to balance it with a salad alongside.

Balance is key!


8. Plan your day

How else are you supposed to have time for everything?

Having a plan will help you not only stay organized throughout the whole day, but start your day on a productive note too.

Make a plan or a t do list, or even journal for every thing you have to do today.

That’s how you’ll make sure to accomplish everything.


9. Have a smoothie or a shake

I am always a “eat the fruit instead of making a drink out off it” kinda gal :)

However, when it comes to healthy daily habits, smoothies and shakes are a must, because you can squeeze in much more than a fruit in terms of nutrients.

So, I fill your blender with some berries, frozen banana, spinach, chia seeds and some ice.

I sometimes even add a scoop of protein or matcha, to make it healthier and packed with proteins.

15 Simple Tips For Healthy Lifestyle - Start Living Healthier TODAY!


10. Have at least 1 plant based day a week

Meat and dairy products play a huge part in most healthy diets.

However, our ancestors didn’t eat meat every day.

It’s all about balance, and manfulness when trying to stay healthy, so try cutting down animal products for at least 1 day a week will do the trick.

You will get healthier and our planet will be more than grateful!

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11. Shower with colder water

Warm water causes your blood vessels to dilate and relax, but it has no real health benefits.

On the other hand, cold shower, has so many health benefits: from waking up your nervous system, to improving circulation, filling those muscles with blood, and getting you energized.

It doesn’t have to be ice-cold water, it can be a comfortable cold to slightly warm water for starters.

healthy habit


12. Declutter for at least 15 minutes each day

Decluttered space = decluttered mind.

Make a daily habit of dedicating at least 15 minutes a day to clean the space you live in.

I always do it before bed.

It helps me fall asleep faster, and wake up in clean, clutter-free space.


13. Bring water bottle everywhere you go

Hydration is so important when living a healthy life.

I learned this the hard way. I always had problems with UTI so I started getting UTI treatment online.

From what I learned, hydration is super important for so many reasons, including dealing with UTI along with maintaining a healthy life overall.

So, fill out a bottle with water, maybe infuse it with some cucumbers or lemons, and sip up all day.

Hydration will help you feel better, improve digestion, have better skin, and maintain a healthier lifestyle overall.


14. Don’t start a diet

Please don’t.

Keto, Intermitted fasting, Paleo… Whatever the diet is called, restriction is not healthy!

Instead, try eating healthier without restrictions, without limiting your portions, or counting calories.

Check out my Fit Girl’s Meal Plan, and the way I managed to finally start eating healthy, and lose weight once and for all!

breakfast healthy lifestyle


15. Stretch

I like to stretch right after waking up, since all of my body feels a bit stiff when we wake up.

Even if it’s a 5 minute stretch, just do it.

Your back, joints and muscles will be thankful!