Nowadays, the internet is loaded up with so much health and fitness info, that we can easily get confused about how to eat healthy and what healthy even means.

This is actually the main reason why so many people struggle to lose weight:

There is so much misleading information that the modern fitness world provides, that even if you think you make the best choices, you’re probably not.

Because of that, today, I decided to give you a full guide about my own healthy eating habits that actually helped me get healthy, fit and make better meal choices.

The truth is that the first step to losing weight and getting fit is to constantly learn about fitness and health and I hate to admit that more than half of the blogs out there exist only to make profit, and in reality have nothing to do with health and nutrition knowledge.

So through these 25 healthy eating habits, I’ll try to guide you to the best ways to watch what you eat, clean your diet, get the real picture of the word healthy and finally build a healthy eating plan that works best for you.

It gets so much easier when “I can’t have that” turns into “I don’t want that” and you’re about to learn how to do that.

Let’s get started right now!

#1 Don’t Count Calories

So many people are stuck with these counting calories fitness trends these days, that I get the feeling that people don’t value the word HEALTHY FOOD anymore.

In fact, healthy food doesn’t always mean low calorie food, and it’s always better for both your body and health to have a handful of almonds with over 300 calories, instead of a coke zero.

With calories, as with diamonds, it’s the quality that matters most and enhances their value.

No matter how many calories are involved, if one food is healthy, that means it’s good for your body and health, while nutrient-poor foods will have the opposite effect.

#2 Fat Is Not That Dangerous

You can have a few slices of bacon, or bake your chicken in a teaspoon of butter, if you keep it away from sugars and carbs.

The main reason why people think that fat is so bad for us, is that it is bad when we eat sugars, carbs and junks.

If you have a nice balanced diet and avoid junks completely, you won’t have to worry about having some fats.

Also, try to avoid “low fat” labelled foods, because the secret to why they have almost no fat and still taste amazing is in the added sugars and sweeteners in it.

So, in doubt, always choose fat over sugar.

#3 Always Eat A Portion As Big As You Need

Every person is different, and every body needs different amounts of food to properly fuel up.

In order to keep a nice and balanced diet, you should always get enough so that your body gets the needed energy for the daily activities.

Under eating can affect your workout routine, your weight loss goals and can cause a series of eating disorders and malnutrition.

Also, if you don’t get full after finishing a meal, you’ll end up thinking about food for the rest of the day, and probably will reach for snacks.

So instead of obsessing yourself with the size of your portion, focus on the quality of your meals, and eat until you get comfortably full.

#4 Learn Your True Enemy – Sugar

Sugar is fitness and health’s worst enemy!

It’s the modern drug of our generation and it has to be left out of the picture, if you want to maintain a healthy life.

And the sad truth is that nowadays we can find sugar in almost every product in the market.

So instead of consuming it, what you should focus on is eating foods that are high in proteins, fibers, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and kick out as many sugary sources as you can!

Sugar is the main cause for heart disease, diabetes and obesity, and causes many other organ dysfunctions, so if you really want to improve your health and get fit for life, you should forget about it!

#5 Seriously, Always Eat Breakfast

Do you often feel like you’re not hungry in the morning, but then you can’t stop eating later in the day?

Well, that’s the main reason why you should always eat bigger portions of breakfast.

Actually, when you teach your body to have a big portion of high quality breakfast early in the morning, you’ll end up feeling full for the rest of the day.

This is actually the primary reason why breakfast is said to be the best time to eat for weight loss, so make sure to always fill up on the right foods upon waking up, especially high in protein and healthy fats.

I usually eat 3-4 slices of homemade rye bread topped with avocado, eggs, sunflower or flax seeds and thin slices of cheese, and sometimes even bacon.

This is my biggest calorie loaded meal and it usually keeps me full for 4-5 hours, making the other meals in the day smaller and cleaner.

#6 Be Careful With Fruits

We’re all taught that fruits are healthy, and people can’t understand that fruit is actually just another form of sugar.

It’s all natural and it contains vitamins, but fruit contains lots of fructose too, and that’s the part that makes us addicted to sugar in the first place.

So choose your fruits wisely and with a lot of control, and remember that you can still get all of the nutrients out of the veggies, without loading yourself with unnecessary energy that you can’t burn.

#7 Include Different Kinds Of Proteins In Every Meal25-fit-girls-healthy-eating-habits-the-ultimate-guide-on-how-to-eat-healthy-for-life-5

Not only should proteins should become a part of your everyday meal plan, but you should focus on choosing different kinds of protein sources too.

Starting from plant based proteins to meat based ones, the alternatives are countless:

  • Meat
    – beef, chicken, turkey, occasionally pork…
  • Fish and seafood
    – every kind of it
  • Eggs
    – just be careful with the yolks
  • Beans and peas
    – green beans, chickpeas, soybeans, black beans, lentils, green peas, yellow beans…


#8 The Less Sugar You Eat, The Less You Crave It

Wondering why you always end up eating the whole chocolate, instead of just one bar?

Well, as you eat certain foods again and again, your dopamine levels start dropping down and the food becomes boring, but that’s not the case when it comes to sugar.

When you consume sugar, your brain is rewarded, the satisfaction rises, thus reinforcing the will to consume sugar again.

Even though you’ve had chocolate many times, your brain will still be as excited as if you’re eating it for the first time in your life.

So, as with any other highly addictive substance, if you want to end the addiction and start living without it, you’ll need to give it up completely!

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