#17 Plan Your Meals Ahead

It’s really hard to eat healthy when you have a busy schedule.

Especially when you’re not home for lunch, and you have to eat out, when protein on the go is not as simple as it sounds.

It’s cheaper and faster to buy a junk meal, than to have a healthy meal in the closest restaurant, right?

That’s why it is crucial to plan your meals ahead and even to prep them.

That’s why I made my 7 Days Healthy Meal Prep Ideas, ready to eat meals and “protein on the go” plan.

It will help you plan your meals for the whole week, and will give you some great ideas for your next dishes too.

#18 Burn Your Food At Least 4 Times A Week25-fit-girls-healthy-eating-habits-the-ultimate-guide-on-how-to-eat-healthy-for-life-4

Eating healthy is one of the greatest habits you can own, and it is one that will stick for the rest of your life.

But the truth is, if you want to have a fit and sexy body, you’re going to need more than the kitchen habits – you’ll need to burn too.

That’s right, burning the food you eat is pretty important when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, especially when your goals are for life.

Strength training is the key to toned muscles, a fit body and better performance, together with losing weight and maintaining a healthy body.

And the good thing is that I have the best workout program for you, so make sure to check it out right away: Breaking Fat Formula – The Best Weight Loss Program For Women

#19 You Shouldn’t Completely Avoid Carbs, Just Give Up The Bad Ones

There’s no problem in eating carbs if you choose healthier ones to include in your meal.

When it comes to carbs, always check the amount of fibres, because that’s the part of the carbs that you need for weight loss and healthy life.

Some of the high carb and high fibre foods are lentils, rye, black beans, split beans, raspberries…

While processing, most of the foods lose their fibres and gain more sugar, so to avoid this make sure to pick out some real foods, especially when it comes to the carbs.

#20 Learn To Make Your Own Bread

I eat bread almost every morning.

As I told you before, breakfast is my biggest meal, so I make sure to get full until it’s time for lunch.

I consulted many nutritionists on this, and they all agreed that bread is only harmful, if you mix it with unhealthy flour, add yeast or if you eat it with every single meal in your day.

There’s nothing wrong in having a few slices of bread in the morning, in fact I bake my own rye bread, without yeast, without mixing it with any other flour, and of course only in the morning.

In the end, rye is a carb, but a really good and healthy one, and there’s absolutely no harm in having it for breakfast.

You can try other flours too, such as buckwheat and spelt, they have no gluten in them which is not the case with rye.

#21 Use Lots Of Spices

Herbs and spices are the best way to add flavour to your food without adding extra calories, sugars or sodium.

They have the ability to add a significant amount of flavour to food and can easily turn a piece of chicken breast into a restaurant-worthy meal.

Not to mention the fact that they’re really healthy and provide many health benefits such as boosting up your metabolism and helping your body burn fat quickly.

So starting from rosemary, paprika, ground pepper and ginger, to cumin, curry, turmeric and dill, by simply adding them into your kitchen collection, you can prepare dishes from all over the world, while incorporating healthy eating habits in your life.

#22 Always Start With Water25-fit-girls-healthy-eating-habits-the-ultimate-guide-on-how-to-eat-healthy-for-life-3

I always start my day with a glass of water.

Hot or cold, drinking water before your meal will help digestion, absorbing and transporting the nutrients in your whole body, and regulating the body temperature.

It’s a part of my 15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals, and it’s a remarkable habit that should stay for life.

Just remember not to drink it too soon before the meal as the water will dilute the digestive juices.

#23 Always Have 3 Main Meals

Here’s one nutrition myth busted – eating more frequently does not bump up your metabolism or cause you to burn more calories!

The only thing it does is make you think about food all day, since you’ll have to eat every two hours.

It is true that your metabolism may slow down if you go too long without eating, 5 hours or more, but it never goes the other way around, meaning, you won’t get faster metabolism if you eat frequently.

So if you really get hungry between meals, there’s one simple solution: eat bigger meals.

When you have a big breakfast, lunch and dinner, filled with proteins, fibres and healthy fats, you won’t spend the rest of your day thinking about food, because you’ll be all set.

I think one reason that people (especially women) get so hungry between meals is that they make their meals unrealistically small.” – Nutrition Diva

#24 Be Picky At Restaurants

You can have a full control over the meal when you cook it on your own, but when you go to a restaurant, that’s another story.

You have to understand that restaurants don’t care about your health, they only care to make delicious food, so that you come back to them.

So don’t be afraid to speak up in restaurants, politely making special requests like for example asking if your dish can be prepared with little or no butter or your salad with the dressing on the side.

I always ask for the ingredients they add in the dressing, and double check the ingredients in the dish, so if there’s something I don’t feel comfortable eating, I ask them to leave it out.

#25 Spread The Gospel

Imagine this:

You’re trying to eat healthy, but every single person around you is eating ice creams and donuts, in your face, making it even harder to stay on track.

It would be much easier if you had support right?

Well, people still don’t get the importance of eating healthy and including at least a few healthy eating habits in their lives, and that’s why it is enormously important to spread the word.

Eating healthy is slowly becoming a lifestyle to many people out there, and our mission should be spreading this throughout the world.

Don’t you let food be the boss of you – you own your body, you own your mind, and you should do what’s best for you!

Share these healthy eating habits and my little how to eat healthy guide with your friends, and do it together!