#9 Cook With Healthier Oils

The way you cook your meals determines how healthy they’ll actually be.

For example, we can easily squeeze out all of the nutrients out of broccoli if we cook it for over 20 minutes, right.

And probably the most important fact when it comes to cooking for health, is the oils you use.

In addition to this, try avoiding sunflower seeds oil or palm oil, and use coconut oil, grape seeds oil, olive oil or flax seeds oil instead.

#10 Use Healthier Salt

25-fit-girls-healthy-eating-habits-the-ultimate-guide-on-how-to-eat-healthy-for-life-6Sodium is needed by the body to help regulate fluid levels, but there is generally more than enough dietary sodium in a natural diet without any added salt.

Table salt in the other hand is 97% Sodium Chloride since through the processing it is bleached and devoid of most of the other nutrients and trace minerals that the body actually needs, so it is a wise decision to avoid it.

But can you imagine cooking a meal without adding a pinch of salt?

You shouldn’t leave salt out of the picture, just make sure to use healthier, or as experts are calling them – real salts.

One of them is Himalayan salt.

“In my opinion, this is the highest quality salt available, as it is from the mineral rich Himalayan mountains and is not affected by the chemicals and toxins that are increasing in quantity even in natural sea salt.” – Wellness Mama

This salt is good for weight loss and health in general, so if you want to build some new healthy eating habits, kick table salt out of the picture and use the Himalayan salt instead.

#11 Don’t Skip Meals

First because you’re not doing any good to your body if you do so, and second because that’s the perfect scenario for eating something you shouldn’t.

Skipping a meal is the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to incorporate some healthy eating habits, and by doing it you can do the actual opposite:

  • Muscle loss
  • Malnutrition
  • Decreased energy
  • Storing fat
  • Eating disorder

Not to mention the fact that when your body gets so hungry, a condition happens when anything goes – all honourable intentions about health fly out the window.

#12 Include a Salad In Every Single Meal

A bowl of greens is the best way to load yourself up with vitamins.

Adding a big bowl of salad to your lunch and dinner menus, will allow you to include greens like romaine, radicchio, basil, iceberg and spinach in your daily diet, which provide so many health benefits when consumed fresh.

Many people eat salads before the meal, but I like to eat my bowl of greens together with the main dish.

It helps me feel and stay full for longer amount of time.

#13 Drink Veggie Based Smoothies

We all love smoothies, but to be completely honest they are mostly made out of fruits, that contain vitamins but also a lot of fructose.

It’s the natural sugar, but when it enters the body, sugar is still sugar.

Well, fruit is one great way to camouflage the veggies in the smoothie, but loading yourself with unnecessary energy that you can’t burn is not a good idea when it comes to keeping a well-balanced diet, and it’s not a great choice when it comes to staying fit too.

So yes you can have a smoothie, just make sure to load it up with the right fruits and lots of veggies.

Here are some ideas that might help: 10 Cosmic Health Shakes – The Healthiest Low Carb Smoothie Recipes In The Universe

#14 Keep A Food Diary

Especially when you’re just starting to include some new healthy eating habits in your life.

Keeping a food diary will help you increases your awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating.

Whether you’re not getting enough vegetables into your diet or you’re skipping lunch a little too often, your food diary will serve as a record of everything that you should pay attention to.

#15 Don’t Be Afraid To Snack

You might not know this but snacking isn’t that dangerous when you snack right.

It is when your snack is junk and when there is a big portion of it, but when you take a handful of healthy snacks you won’t have a problem at all.

So nuts are always a good idea, seeds, baked veggie chips (beet, beans), seed crackers, jerky beef…

Just make sure to avoid sugary snacks and bad carbs and you’re all set.

#16 Always Read Food Labels

Yep that’s right!

Knowing and understanding what you really intake in your body is a knowledge that will allow you to make better health choices.

Food labels will tell you what ingredients or additives are in the food you’re about to eat and in what number, they will give you nutritional information about the food’s fat sugar and protein content.

This will help you avoid low fat foods or dietary and healthy products that you thought are healthy, but actually turned out to be loaded with sugars, additives and other sweeteners that are probably worse than sugar.

This great skill is easier to acquire than it sounds and it takes just a couple of weeks of label reading to master it.

There are even apps for your phone and Web sites that provide this information quickly and for free, just by scanning the product.

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