There are many reasons why the gym isn’t working for you. Actually, probably you are doing something wrong, because you cannot know everything if you’ve made your first step to the gym a few days ago. So that’s where I come in. Here I give you some reasons why the gym isn’t working for you, and how to change that reasons and make better results. Let’s get started!

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Not Having A Workout Plan

Without a plan, your workout can be a waste of time. You cannot work out your biceps, your triceps and your back in the same day. And that can happen only if you don’t have a workout program or any workout plan on your mind. You should have it written down so you know every day before going to the gym, what are you going to do. Here are some workout plans, you can pick one if you want to:

Weight Loss Program
Toning Workout Program
Extra Toning Workout Program For Girls

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Not Doing Few Sets Of One Exercise

One exercise cannot work for you if you do 15 or even 20 reps in a row. Things don’t go that way. You have to do a few sets otherwise the exercises won’t work. For example, when you are exercising your back, you have to do at least 3 exercises, and 3-4 sets of each of them. Do one set of 12- 15 reps, rest for 40-60 seconds, and then go back for another set.

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High Reps – Low Weights

There is a myth going around that resistance training with weights will make women look “Bulky” so to “Tone up” which is the look most women want to achieve, women think that lower weights but high reps will help.

First of all, you can not bulk up, even if you want to. You are not a male – you are a female and you don’t have that hormone. So you can only tone muscle and look sexy and curved. And this is the first reason why you shouldn’t be afraid, because you can only look hot not bulky. Half-ass, 15min workouts will do nothing. Your muscles are accustomed to working all day, so only dedication to intense hard work in the gym will bring you results. It is better to do 10 reps with heavier weights, then 30 reps with low weights.


Too Long Cardio Trainings

Cardio is good for you. It’s good for your heart, for your weight loss and for your health. It shouldn’t be eliminated from your workout plan, but it shouldn’t take your whole training too.

The cardio zone is usually full of women who can spend most of their time at the gym on the treadmill or cross trainer. When people go to a Personal Trainer do you ever see the PT asking their client to spend the hour on the treadmill? Never! As a PT will see cardio equipment as warm ups or shot 20-30 minutes cardio training after you finish your strength training.


Not Cleaning Your Diet

You are what you eat, remember? Everything comes to what you eat at the end. You can work your ass off every single day of your life, but if you don’t eat right, it’s all worthless. You will lose fat through the workout, but you will get fat through the food you are eating. So to avoid this don’t be on a diet just eat healthy food, filled with veggies, fruits, proteins and fibers. Here is my Ultimate Guide On How To Lose Weight And Live Healthier  and there you can find the The Yummiest & the Healthiest Eating Program