Are you a beginner, that’s just getting started in the gym?

Or, you’re exercising daily for quite some time now, but feel like you’re not getting what you expect out of your fitness journey?

Either way, you are probably doing some of these 9 common workout mistakes.

I know I was doing them, even though I thought I was doing everything right.

The one thing about fitness is that it’s always changing and you can learn something new every day.

If everything was about the length of your training a few years back, now it’s known that intensity and quality of the workout it’s what counts the most.

So, to clear up some of the most common workout mistakes I’ll list a few things you should pay attention to.

This time, they’re all training and workout related and I they have nothing to do with eating healthy or making healthy habits.

Improving these tiny things in your training will get you closer to your goal and will give you results almost immediately!

Let’s start right away and check out the 9 common workout mistakes you have to avoid to get results faster.


Mistake #1: Not Giving Your 100% While Working Out

In other words, half assign your training and not being completely exhausted and floored after finishing your training session.

The right way to get the best results and lose those extra pounds, or finally tone those muscles is by pushing your body and mind through hell and fire and giving your maximum whenever you’re working out.

You’ll have to get serious and specific about full-body strength training, with a high quality exercising plan.

I’ve been doing split training my whole life, until recently I got hooked on a workout program ,that I’m now working on publishing.

I couldn’t help but notice that I used to spend hours in the gym lifting weights, usually leaving without a serious sweat on, while with my 30 minutes a day program I’m drowning in sweat throughout the whole workout and feel like dying after finishing.

My face is red, sweaty, every piece of my body hurts, I’m struggling to control my breathing… But at the end of the day, that’s how you should feel when giving your all, 100%.

Once I changed that, the results came faster and stronger than ever.

Giving all you’ve got, pushing yourself harder than before and letting your body do what it’s capable of doing – that’s what counts the most.

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Mistake #2: Lifting Light Weights

Yes, you should start light as a beginner, but once you learn the movements and get into the right form, you should load up on the weights.

Lifting light to achieve light muscles is not an option here (if bulking up is what you’re afraid of, you have literally nothing to be afraid of because you won’t bulk up even if you wanted to).

If you really want to make a change you should pick up a weight that really challenges you, and not one that’s allowing you to make 20 or 30 reps without going through a serious struggle.

So, make sure to choose your weights wise, and always aim higher than before.

You cannot lift the same weight you lifted 6 months ago – let your body move forward.

It’s all about making progress in your workouts to achieve progress in your results.

Mistake #3: Spending Hours On The Treadmill

We’ve all been there, spending at least 30 minutes on a cardio machine, without being challenged or pushed to the limit.

Sometimes when I workout on the elliptical trainer, I am not tired even after an hour.

That’s because these cardio workouts are low impact movements, that have to be done longer to achieve results.

But… aint nobody got time for that!

And the truth is, it doesn’t always have to take hours on a cardio machine to get into the fat burning zone.

You know why?

Because nowadays, athletes around the world are using something called HIIT which is short for High Intensity Interval Workout, and this amazingly insane type of training shortens your workout time by giving you even better results.

That’s because of the intensity of the workout, and the part where different intervals blend – it’s a cardiovascular bomb!

Head on to my favorite Full Body Fat Burner Workouts – 30 Minutes A Day To Sweat The Fat Off and try one of them right now.

You’re going to see what I’m talking about in a matter of minutes.

Mistake #4: Doing The Same Exercises Every Training

Making daily changes in your workout is crucial when it comes to getting the best results.

You should change the exercises not only daily, but making sure they’re different from the ones you did last week.

Here’s why:

Our body is so complex and has so many muscles that cannot be engaged all at once.

It is important that we do different kinds of movements to activate every single muscle in the body, because that’s the only way we can achieve great results.

Learn new exercises daily, and allow your body to go through different kinds of movements each training, and you’ll get a step closer to your dream body step by step.

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Mistake #5: Skipping The Stretching

You should stretch after every single training session.

It has thousands of benefits and you could only profit out of it.

We always forget to stretch when stretching is one of those super important things responsible for our flexibility, range of motion and overall performance.

And at the same time, it’s the perfect cooldown for our muscles, so we really really should consider it as a part of our training.

I always do yoga after my workouts, usually 20 minutes, because I really like to stretch my legs nice, together with arms, abs and back.

Yours doesn’t have to be that long, I just really enjoy stretching and doing yoga after my training, it feels like it lengthening my muscles and calming my entire body all at once.

Mistake #6: Not Having a Plan

Without a plan, beginners roam the gym looking for something to do or switch their routines endlessly.

But you will never build a great body this way because there’s no system or foresight; you’ll prevent yourself from mastering exercises, waste time, and miss out on great results.

With so many great beginner programs available, pick one, get started, and stick to it for at least eight weeks; it’ll give you a system to follow and hold you accountable for each step.

I am following a plan and making sure to always start my workout fully equipped and aware of what I’m going to do.

That’s how I’m making sure to get the most out of every single training.

Mistake #7: Having Rest Days Too Often

Yes you should have rest days because your body needs them, but no more than 2 rest days and they should never be in a row.

Especially skipping a workout because you’re feeling tired, sore, or just lazy – that’s not an option.

The secret to building an amazing body is simple: it’s all about consistency and discipline.

If you are serious about your goal and you want some amazing results, then you should get serious about your consistency.

I work out 5 times a week, and my 2 rest days are usually on Thursday and Sunday.

Mistake #8: Underestimating Body Weight Workouts

Yes, lifting heavy on squats and lunges is probably a good idea, but don’t forget that there are plenty of the bodyweight exercises that can activate those muscles in a few reps.

Let’s take Knee-Up Reverse Lunge for example, or pistol squat.

Not to mention push-ups and planks – they work better than most exercises that require weights.

Don’t forget to squeeze in a workout or two next time, to spice up your training.

Choose from my favorite 12 Insane Body Weight Exercises to Blast Fat & Get Strong.

Mistake #9: Not Timing Your Rest Periods

Training should be done in 60 minutes tops, including warm-up, cool-down, and a good lifting session.

But how is this possible, right?

Well, to make that possible, you should avoid wasting precious moments between your sets.

If you don’t know how to minimize the time between sets, wear a stopwatch or a smartwatch, or use an app on your phone to limit yourself to under a minute.

I always challenge myself to do it for 30 seconds, and I’m literally amazed at how quickly I finish my workout and how extremely exhausted I am after finishing it.

This is important not only because of the time spent working out, but because of the efficiency and intensity of the training.

Try it, and see for yourself.

I hope I helped you avoid these common workout mistakes and improve your training!

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Till next time girls!