Many girls try to lose weight and get fit, but after a while, they give up.

It seems like no matter what they try, they always end up not getting results…

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, because you’re not the only one – we’ve actually all been there.

Because of that, I have for you THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM that actually works!

Trying out different workout programs that don’t work or hopelessly wandering around the gym doing random exercises, always ending up on the treadmill…

The Best Weight Loss Program for women


…That’s certainly a way of losing a few pounds, but it’s definitely not the fastest one.

While thousands of girls are lost when they decide to take the first step at the gym, the truth is that they all make the same mistakes:

  • quickly losing motivation
  • don’t have the right diet plan
  • cannot find a good quality weight loss workout program for women.

And that’s actually the first rule of success that counts when it comes to fitness and weight loss too:

Always go with a plan!

But the reason why so many girls are still trying to lose weight without a good plan is because it’s really hard to find a good quality weight loss workout program that is effective and free.

That’s why I decided to step up and give you the best weight loss program that is actually proven to be effective, fully detailed and free at the same time.

An appealing workout program that has helped many people get their dream bodies in no time.

And what does the best weight loss program cover?

  • workout plan with exercises shown in the best workout videos
  • suggested diet plan with what you should and what you shouldn’t eat
  • an actual time guide of when to eat and when to workout
  • printable program schedule
  • motivating and inspiring guide
  • every juicy detail you need to know about your fitness journey

In other words – you’re getting the sexiest beach body ever for free, in just 5 months, and in return you have to take a few minutes of your time and stay here, because I’m bringing down the curtains right now!

* My most recent 28-Days workout program

Breaking Fat Formula – The Best Weight Loss Program For Women

This weight loss formula is actually a combination of 3 different workout programs that I’ve been working on for the past few years.

Packed together with a nice meal plan, this gym workout plan contains every little thing you need to know about the gym, exercising, nutrition and losing weight.

And the best part is that you’re not only going to kick the fat out of your body, but you’re going to welcome some clean toned muscles and curves too.


Well, skinny girls look amazing in clothes, but we want to look good in our bikini too, right?

That’s what “The Breaking Fat Formula” is all about:

Helping girls to lose weight by getting fit, sexy, healthy and strong at the same time.

One picture – a thousand words, right?

I was never overweight, but I had some parts that were bothering me a lot…

…For example my stomach that just didn’t want to go away no matter what I did.

After making this program for myself, I decided to test it and here’s what happened.

I actually never realized how much it has changed me, until I found this “before” picture that I had forgotten about.

And it’s not only the picture, but the body measurements are the real deal too…

I’ve managed to lose 3 centimeters off my waist, tone my abs, lift my butt and define my whole body.

I never once stepped on the scale, considering the fact that pounds are just numbers – the one that counts is actually the mirror!

So I made a list of my body measurements before and after the program, and as you can see, I had pretty big changes.

Here are my results on paper:

Note that the numbers are not in inches, but in centimeters.Body Measurements Before and After Breaking Fat - The best weight loss program for women

Don’t get confused by the fact that I’ve “gained” few centimeters in some areas.

In fact, while working out you lose fat in some parts of your body (example: waist and tights), while gaining lean muscle mass in others (example: arms, shoulders, glutes).

That’s because your body starts sculpting by getting curvier shape and sexy hourglass look.

Bonus: How to measure yourself for results – Body Measurements

This weight loss workout plan is effective and addictive, and that’s what makes it so fabulous.

Your body will start sculpting and you’re going to love every single curve of it.

Many people ask me “Why do a gym workout?”

Simply because it works the best!

Here’s why… Weight loss plan - The Best Weight Loss Program for women

  • you get a curvier body
  • pop up your muscles, tone up your body and look fit
  • burn a lot more calories
  • burn calories even when you’re not working out
  • look strong – instead of skinny and baggy
  • improve your health
  • release the stress
  • improve your self-esteem
  • get motivated to never stop
  • improve your mood
  • build up your confidence
  • feel happier and stronger
  • get healthier heart and bones

My dear fit girls, I have the losing weight formula served here, just for you, so stay with me and let’s fight this never ending Breaking Fat Battle together!


The Breaking Fat Formula – 4 Phases To Change Your Body Forever

This weight loss workout plan contains 4 phases:

Phase 1: Warm Up

Phase 2: Lift Up

Phase 3: Tone Up

Phase 4: Break Up

Spiced up with guides on how to do the exercises right through workout videos and detailed notes, this is the best weight loss program, because it works amazingly well.

The point is to challenge your body a little bit more than the regular everyday activities, and its everyday body weight and push it to the limits.

I’m breaking down every single one of these phases right now.


1. Warm Up Phase

The warm up phase is the first phase of the workout program, and it lasts the first 2 weeks of your Breaking Fat journey.

This phase has to take place in the weight loss program, because warming up the body is part of the whole process.

Its mission is to warm up the body by getting to know the movements well.

In this phase, you should focus on learning the right forms of the exercises, so instead of loading up with weights you should do long and correct movements using light weights.

You’re doing one exercise per muscle group and a lot of cardio.

Stretching is a key part here, so you should do it at the end of every training session.

Here’s the printable, you’ll download it simply by clicking on the picture:

Breaking Fat Formula - WARM UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary

  • Do a 5-minute warm-up before every training session;
  • You should do 2 sets and 15 reps of every exercise;
  • Use light weights;
  • Remember, bigger muscle groups always come first;
  • Stretch at the end of every training session.

The real point is to actually mix up the exercises every single training session, so that they’re not the same as the previous session.

You can mix up as much as you want, just remember that bigger muscle groups always come first.

This is because our bodies are designed to adapt to any movement if you’re doing it for a longer period of time.

It’s important to make these changes in order to keep your body excited and unprepared.

2. Lift Up Phase

The second phase of the best weight loss program “Breaking Fat”, runs for the following 6 weeks.

This is a phase where you actually start lifting heavier weights followed by bigger range of sets.

The muscle groups are paired in two groups which are arranged on two different days.

Cardio days come in between and still take up a big part of the program.

Here’s the workout schedule:

Breaking Fat Formula - LIFT UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary


  • Do a 5-minute warm-up before every training session;
  • Do 3 sets and 13-15 reps of every exercise;
  • Use heavier weights – you shouldn’t be able to do more than 15 reps;
  • Stretch for at least 5 minutes at the end of every training session;
  • Never do the same exercises as on your previous training session.

3. Tone Up Phase

The tone up phase is the next one on the list.

In this phase your body will start toning up.

By adding heavier weights, you should lower down the reps, doing from 12 to 13 and increase the sets up to 4.

The muscles are paired into groups of 2 and that leaves them with an increased amount of exercises for each.

Now when we know the right movements of the exercises, we should be able to lift it up even if it is a little bit heavier.

That’s why at this stage your muscles will start to shape and take nice curves.

This tone up phase lasts for the following 2 months, and it’s the most body shaping period in the whole program.

People will start noticing the difference, and by the time you finish it you’re going to be near the end of the weight loss and getting fit journey.

Here it is:

Breaking Fat Formula - TONE UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary

Breaking Fat Formula - TONE UP PHASE 2 - Fit Girl's Diary


  • Do a 5-minute warm-up before every training session;
  • Do 4 sets and 12-13 reps of every exercise;
  • Use heavier weights – you shouldn’t be able to do more than 13 reps;
  • Stretch for at least 5 minutes at the end of every training session;

This is definitely a phase where you should start lifting it up a little bit more.

If you’re not sure how to pick up the right weights, here’s how to do that:

Pick up a weight and start performing a movement: if you’re able to do one more rep over the range of sets you should do, then it’s too light – if you cannot perform the movement right, it’s too heavy.

Just don’t forget to try exercising with heavier weights as the weeks go by, in order to stop your body from getting too comfortable.

4. Breaking Up Phase

And finally the last phase that comes at the end of the weight loss workout program, is the Breaking Up phase.

This phase will give you a nice finish at the end of your program.

The Breaking Fat workout program is almost over, as your beach body is taking shape.

This is a classic split training phase, where you dedicate every training session to a single muscle group and again clean it all out with a session of cardio at the end of every workout.

I have to say, this is my favorite one since I continued to work out after finishing my Breaking Fat journey.

The reps come down to 10-12 tops, and the sets stay the same – 4 sets.

Here’s the plan for the last phase:

Breaking Fat Formula - BREAK UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary



  • Do a 5-minute warm-up before every training session;
  • Do 4 sets and 10-12 reps of every exercise;
  • Use heavier weights – you shouldn’t be able to do more than 12 reps;
  • Stretch at least 5 minutes at the end of every training session;


The Best Workout Videos – Gym Exercises For Every Muscle Group

Here are the workout videos for each muscle group.

1. Legs and Butt Workout

Legs and butt are two muscle groups that always work together.

You’re engaging your butt whenever you’re doing leg exercises and the opposite is also true.

The first exercise when it comes to leg workouts are squats – they should always come first.

Lunges are an exercise that has to be in every training session too, just make sure to change the types of lunges.

You might need a lifting belt, especially when you’re performing the squats and deadlifts – if you already have lower back pain, then a workout belt is a must have.

Stretch your legs at the end of every legs training session, in order to improve your flexibility.

2. Back Workout


The back exercises have to be performed with careful attention because you can easily lose the form and engage your arms and shoulders too.

If you want to learn more about your back training you can check Back Machina – The Best Full Back Workout Routine.

3. Chest Workout


What the squats are to your legs, the bench press is to your chest – the first and most important exercise.

Never skip it when it comes to chest day and make sure to perform it one time with a bar and the next time with dumbbells.

Many girls are under the impression that chest training should be left out of the picture, but don’t even think about that – Chests are as important for the weight loss process as any other muscle group.


4. Shoulders Workout


Shoulders play a key role in nearly every upper body exercise.

Because of their critical function, the extreme range of motion and the potential to bulge under your shirt like two stolen cannonballs, strong shoulders are essential for maximum performance and a well-rounded, fit physique.

Shoulder presses (dumbbell, bar or machine) are the first exercise you want to do in every shoulder training session, and the shoulder flies are the most effective ones.

Make sure they take place in almost every shoulder training session.

5. Biceps Workout


The first exercise you want to do when it comes to your bicep muscles are the bicep curls.

Performed with a bar or with dumbbells, in a standing position or on a bench, this exercise is always first on the list.

One of my favorite workouts when it comes to bicep muscles is the matrix exercise, the one with 21 reps – it’s really effective and engages the biceps in their full range.

Followed by the concentration  bicep curls, your biceps will get a really nice shape.

6. Triceps Workout

Are you familiar with bingo wings?

Well, you’re not the only one, but don’t worry because paying attention to your triceps muscles will help you get rid of them.

Working on your triceps will give a great finish to your whole arms, while burning a lot of fat at the same time.

The Breaking Fat Formula – Suggested Meal Plan

This weight loss workout program works amazingly well!

But, there is one more fact that we shouldn’t skip, and that is:

A fit body is made in the kitchen too!

You’re going to get results just by following the “Breaking Fat” weight loss workout program, but that is nothing compared to what you’re going to get if you’re following the right diet plan too.

Because of that, I have the best meal plan for you, the same one I followed when I got these amazing results.

Here it is:


In addition to the workout program, I warmly recommend my eating plan to you, since it plays a big part in the “Breaking Fat Formula”.

So, don’t underestimate its ability to fully change your body – fitness is 70% nutrition 30% workout!

I have it all explained step by step, together with the reasons why it works so well.

The best weight loss program is nothing without its most important factor, and that is the meal plan.

So check it out and don’t forget – Abs are made in the kitchen!

And let’s not forget about the timing as a factor in this whole process.

Check out the timing guide to learn about when is the best time to eat and when to work out:

gym workout plan The Best Weight Loss Program

Now Fit Girls, Let’s Break Fat Together!

Now you have got the best weight loss program, “Breaking Fat Formula” just for you, the only thing that you have to do is want it bad enough.

Everything you need is already here, so you just have to convince yourself that you can do it – and you’re halfway there.

The only question is will you?

This is the best weight loss workout program for women that are in love with good old gym exercising.

Since I’ve started working out, fitness has become a big part of my life – it’s addictive and it sticks to your skin and bones.

It has changed so many lives, why wouldn’t it change yours?!

So don’t wait a second longer and start working out NOW!

It is a hard, long process, but most important of all, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Just remember to always be stronger than your excuses.

If you were waiting for the right time, it is NOW!

Don’t forget to share this free weight loss workout program with your friends, because fitness feels much better when you’re in a team.