The internet is filled with different kinds of abs exercising programs.

I know that we’ve probably all been there:

Stumble upon a promising program, but no matter how hard you try, your abs don’t seem to pop up.

Well girls, since I’ve been there too, I know how frustrating this can be.

Because of that, I decided to tell you my story of how I managed to finally lose my belly fat and get sexy abs.

Today, I will give you my very own solution to this problem I struggled with for years – losing the muffin top and finally start getting toned abs.

I’ll also tell you my one big secret that helped me build this training program and make it as effective as it is, with the help of the best ab exercises for women.

So, dear fit girls, get ready to build up some diamond abs! :)

Diamond Abs Workout – The Best Ab Exercises for Women

I always had problems with my core.

I had a muffin top for a really long time, and when my whole body finally started getting in shape, my ab muscles still didn’t give signs of showing up.

I knew that abs are hard to get, but despite the fact that I was doing everything else right for over 3 years, they were still invisible:

  • I cleaned my diet
  • Quit sugars and processed foods
  • I exercised daily
  • I was doing a lot of cardio
  • Doing ABS exercises three times a week, after finishing my strength training.

But even though I was doing everything right, I still couldn’t seem to force my abs out.

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That’s how I figured that maybe the problem was in the abdominal exercises I was doing.

Because of that, I decided to try something different.

I came up with an idea to make a collection of the best ab exercises for women, arranging them in not one but few different training sessions.

And that’s how I came up with my “Diamond abs” workout.

I started looking my abs as if they were diamonds, hard to find but even harder to sculpt and clean.

Just like diamonds, the more they’re cut, sliced and hurt – the more they shine!

The process is long and hard, but at the end you get a shiny and clean product.

Let’s choose to shine! :)


The Secret That Makes The Diamond Abs Workout So Effective

I bet you’re wondering how can this program step up from the crowd…

Well, unlike the other abs workout programs for women, this one has a secret strategy, that’s different from the other workout programs:

In this workout, I use different exercises for every training.

And why is that?

Because our muscles adapt to the exercises faster than we think:

Your body adapts to any type of exercise. The first time you go run a mile, it is probably going to be rough. But by the 40th time you run a mile, it’s a lot easier, right? As you get used to a type of exercise, it becomes less challenging and, as a result, less effective. That’s why it’s so important to mix it up.” – Jillian Michaels

Starting from this point, I made an abs workout for women that is truly challenging to the muscles, and doesn’t let them adapt to it.

And how I did that?

I packed 4 different ABS training sessions with 24 different abs exercises, and 1 bonus cool-down with 6 abs stretches.

That’s what makes it challenging and muscle changing – the exercises are made to engage the ab muscles in different ways every single training.

Every training contains 6 abs exercises, 2 lower abs exercises, 2 oblique exercises and 2 six pack exercises.

This is why the 10 or 15 minutes ABS workout doesn’t work, because they say you should do the same workout for a month or two, and you end up doing the same ab exercises every training.

Your ab muscles are adapting to the movements faster than you think, and you get no results.

That’s why this program works so great:

I picked the most effective ab exercises for women and arranged them into 4 different days.

Here’re the other things that make this program so effective:

  • It treats the ABS like any other muscle group – with time and dedication;
    We dedicate time and a lot of energy in every training.
  • The duration of the training is not counted in minutes, but in sets and reps;
    Breaking down the exercises in few sets allow the abs to get challenged to the maximum.
  • The exercises are easy to remember and they’re printable.
  • There are exercises for every different ab muscle, every training.
  • You don’t have to exercise your abs every day;
    Twice a week is more than enough if you are doing full body workout program, and if not, 4 times a week will make the deal.

Just note that I came to these results not only by using this program but also by:

At the end it all comes down to what you eat, and how you live your life.

I will help you get the most out of your abs training, but the rest is yours.

You can’t get great results if you don’t invest in yourself with hard work and dedication.

Packed together with the right exercising and meal plan, this workout will give you diamond abs!

Now let’s get started with the best ab exercises!

If you are looking for quick fat burning ABS workout, head on to try out my latest video, 10 min abs workout:

Now let’s get started with the training sessions!

Diamond Abs Workout

Training #1

training #1 Diamond Abs Workout - The Best Ab Exercises for Women

Oblique muscles exercises:

  • Russian twists
  • Front side bends

Lower ab exercises:

  • Straight leg raises
  • Alternating curls

Six Pack exercises:

  • Push throughs
  • Mountain climbers

Training #2

training #2 Diamond Abs Workout - The Best Ab Exercises for Women

Oblique muscles exercises:

  • Heel touches
  • Side mountain climbers

Lower ab exercises:

  • Insanity leg raises
  • Pulsing plank dips

Six Pack exercises: