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Waist trainers are so popular these days.

I come across more and more girls are using a waist training corset, and I started wondering are they really so effective?

The internet is loaded with photos of celebs wearing these waist corsets, including the Kardashians family, that are known for their hourglass body figures.



It’s all genetics, right, but why are they so obsessed with wearing these waist trainers then?

Can they improve my body shape?

Well, before jumping into waist training, it would be wise to educate yourself, so that’s why I’m here for!

I ordered a waist training corset right away, and started trying it out.

Also, I started exploring about waist trainers, and I found some pretty interesting facts.


So, stay with me, because I’m going to reveal the truth about waist trainers, pros and cons and results, together with some of the leading brands in the waist trainer industry.

Let’s get started right away!

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What’s actually a waist training corset?

Waist training involves wearing a corset in order to slim down or reshape your waist.

Similar to shape-wear, the garment is designed to scale down your midsection while it warms it, sweats it of and contouring it.

The twist with waist training is that, while you look like you have an “instantly slimmer figure,” you’re working to create one as well.



***P R O S***

Improves Your Posture

The first thing I noticed is that while wearing the waist training corset, I feel like I have my back straight all the time.

And it’s a fact that wearing a corset helps you to maintain good posture while sitting or standing.

The steel boning in the corset is rigid, and doesn’t allow for slouching, so while wearing it, it definitely improves your posture.

Keeps Your Core Warm

Waist trainers usually have thermo-technology, that boosts up perspiration.

This means your core will be warmer while you’re wearing your waist trainer.

This is something I realized the very first day trying out my waist training corset – I wasn’t even exercising, and my core area was significantly warmer.

Many women appreciate this, since it helps them keep warm in the cold days.


Makes Your Waist Look Slimmer

Yes, while wearing it, you’re going to look AMAZING!

When you put on your corset and see the waistline change, you’ll never want to take it off.

Waist trainers shrink in the waistline and accentuate the curves of the bustline and hips so it perfectly promotes the hourglass look of a slimmer waist while actually doing the job at the same time.


Makes You Sweat

As I mentioned before, the waist trainers have thermal technology, that actually promotes extra sweating while exercising.

Depends on the corset you’re using, but this can triple the sweating, helping you reduce water weight.

The one I use, has thermal pockets, and it works amazingly well in its job to sweat my waist off!

I love what it does, especially when I’m doing cardio exercises.

Promotes Weight Loss

Since it’s warming down the core, and making sure you sweat a bit more than usual, I believe the waist training corset promotes weight loss.

However, when it’s used alone, without any physical activity, it doesn’t promote results.

To prove this, I was wearing it for three weeks, after my workout, I measured my waistline before I started using it, and the measurements were the exact same at the end of the third week.

And for the last few weeks, I’ve been using it as a workout accessory and I’ve seen some changes – I’ve lost a whole inch in less than 3 weeks.

I don’t know if the results are permanent yet, and will they be visible when I stop using it for a few weeks, but of this I’m sure:

Waist trainers promotes hourglass figure and weight loss, period.


***C O N S***

It’s Uncomfortable

You cannot wear a waist trainer without sacrificing your comfort, and this is a fact.

Waist trainers are made to feel uncomfortably tight, since their main job is to press down and shrink in the waist.

There is no waist trainer that will feel natural to your body, so more or less they are all a bit un-comfy.


Can Ruin Your Training

Waist trainers are a great choice when doing cardio, but when it comes to lifting weights, you might wanna think twice.

I’ve noticed that it shortens my breath a bit, making the workout feel harder, and that’s not something I want to trade for a slimmer waist.

This makes it more difficult for your body to get the oxygen it needs, and that is especially dangerous when you’re at the gym.

I give my 100% at the gym, and I feel like the waist training corset is not allowing me to give my best since it limits my movements especially when it comes to legs or abs training.

I tried using it on my legs day, and it was nearly impossible to work out, because the pressure from the corset made it harder than it actually is.

So, the best solution is to leave it out of the picture on these days, and include it later on in the cardio sessions.


It’s Visible Under Clothing

Some more, some less, but they’re all visible if you’re wearing something thigh.

It makes you look slimmer, but it’s a bit visible in the ending areas, especially the edges of it.

You can avoid this, by choosing the right corset, mine’s a satin mesh material, and it’s not as visible as the previous one I ordered for a trial.

Can Cause Muscle Weakness

We all want the perfect waistline as quick as possible, but a fit body takes months even years to built.

Moderation is especially essential when using a cincher as you need to gradually build up the length of time you wear your waist shaper in a day and how tight it is.

Constantly wearing your waist training corset for extended periods of time when it is too tight could weaken your muscles and atrophy them.

The constant pressure can make your abs feel weak, and not only that this can ruin your six pack efforts, but it’s a pretty dangerous health scenario too.

So, to avoid this, you should wear it for an hour or two – tops.


Dear Fit Girls, It’s Your Turn To Shape Your Body!

If you’re here reading this you probably desire to get an hourglass body shape.

I can help you by heading you on to the right directions, and check it out here:

How To Get An Hourglass Figure – Hourglass Body Shape

And if you’ve decided to go for a waist training corset, I can recommend you mine personal favorite brand Royal Lioness – it matches both quality and budget friendliness 🙂

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions!

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