I bet, all of you will agree, that it is not easy to start exercising. The hardest step is the first step. But one way or another you will increase your motivation and you will make the first step, but now the problems is how to turn the exercising into a habit. Most people make a very first step and never move on. Why? Because of that, I am going to show you some easy ways and tips on how to make a workout habit, just like you do not skip the morning brushing teeth.


1. Always Exercise At The Same Time

Decide when it is best for you to exercise, or when you have the most free time and when you feel motivated, in the morning, in the  afternoon or in the evening. Even better, determine specific hour!


2. Use An Alarm As A Reminder

It has been proven that when you employ the same thing regularly during the 21 days, it becomes part of your life a lot easier. To easily spend that time creating the habit, use an alarm to remind you that you need to practice. Use an alarm at least the first 21 days.


3. Do Not Make More Than Two Day Break

Do you know that people who exercise once or twice a week often skipped training than people who exercise three or more times a week? The key is consistency. So do not make more than two day break.


4. Exercise Even If You Are Tired

Yes, exercise requires energy, and provides energy. However, if you were exhausted before starting physical activity, probably by the end you feel great and you will be filled with positive energy and satisfaction.


5. Look For A Partner Who Already Has A Habit

You have a friend who is persistent and non skips workout? Join her. Simpler is when you have to figure that has already passed the difficult start, because it will motivate and advise you not to give up.