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Do you want to get sexy abs?!

I know when I was starting with my fitness journey, my only goal was how to get abs and lose belly fat fast.

And I bet this is the case with many of you out there.

That’s why today I’m sharing my 10 min abs workout routine packed with the best exercises to get abs at home.

So many girls are struggling to get those stubborn abs out, and I’ve heard you all.

I packed a workout, a workout VIDEO actually, that will guide you to getting those abs while burning fat at the same time.

However, before we start off with the workout, we’ll clear out some pretty important details you’ll have to consider on your way to getting ripped abs.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into them!

Clearing Out The Abs Mystery

So many girls are asking me why it’s so damn hard to get those abs showing.

Well, let me tell you that you are not alone because abs are probably the hardest muscle group to work on because it’s basically the one covered with the most fat.

We are all together on the struggle bus.
Even when I was in my ‘fittest’ days, I still couldn’t seem to get those lower ab muscles out.

That’s because I was misled and was doing things completely wrong.

I’m here now, 5 years later, ready to solve the big abs mystery and save all of you time and frustrations.

#1 It’s All About Body Fat

Unfortunately, strong abs aren’t the most important component of a visible six-pack – low body fat is.

This means that if you have too much subcutaneous body fat covering your abdominal area, then no matter how many hours of crunches or leg raises you to do, you won’t be able to get your abs out.

We’ll have to make a balance between doing the right exercises and losing weight overall in order to get our abs showing.

I explain this in my article ‘Abs For Girls – The Ultimate Guide On Getting Fit Girls Abs’.

That’s why alongside the abs exercises, fat burning full-body movements take a huge part in my abs workout routine.
In this case, it’s the burpees and the plank hold.

Also, in my abs HIIT workout, the interval is so intense and almost impossible to follow, but that’s exactly what will keep your body in the fat-burning zone and help you lose the belly fat faster.

#2 Diet Is The Key

Abs are a result of a perfectly healthy and clean body, loaded with all the right nutrients.

You can’t rely on malnutrition, sugars, and junks and hope for the best, because you can never out-train a bad diet.

You can’t lose your belly fat with a 10 min abs workout – you’ll have to fuel your body right too.

It’s 20% workout and 80% nutrition which means that you can’t burn away your nutrition through a workout no matter how hard you try.

If you want to start eating healthy, head on to check out my 28-day meal plan Burn Baby Burn and start losing belly fat today!

#3 Spot Training Is A Myth

One common misconception is that you can “crunch away your abdominal fat” when actually fat won’t vanish by doing abs exercises.

Here’s the thing: we cannot lose body fat in specific areas of our body by training that body part more often.

This means that you won’t lose the extra fat around your core by doing crunches on a daily basis.

The only way to strip the fat off your abs is by slowly and gradually burning it off by working on your body as the one piece it is.

This means, in order to get your abs showing, you’ll have to get fit overall, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today :)

For more, you can check out my BBB 28-day workout program, and start getting fit today.

Also, check out my article with the 20 biggest misconceptions about abs to learn more about it.

#4 Diversity Is Key

There is no such thing as ‘the best ab exercise’.

Yes, there are exercises that work better than others, but you won’t get anywhere by doing just one ab exercise over and over again.

Our abs are a complex muscle group, build-out of many different muscles.

In order to work on all of them, we’ll have to keep them excited by doing different kinds of ab exercises.

And there are a bunch of different ab exercises, but none of them works as good as trying out new exercises daily does.

That’s because even the top exercises get less and less effective over time if you do them constantly because the human body has the ability to adapt to particular movements.

You’d be surprised how fast your body can adapt to the exercises you do.

That’s why it’s important to be diverse in fitness and not focus on one or two or even 5 exercises.
Instead, try out different moves to keep your abs excited and challenged on a daily basis.

Check out my 20 MIN FULL ABS WORKOUT at home to learn some amazing ab movements!


If you’re looking for a quick AB workout, check out my AB finisher:


#5 Take Your Time

Everything takes time.

So, don’t rush your way to getting those abs.

Don’t focus on the time, focus on working out daily, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall and you’re halfway there.

Now let’s get to work!

Best Exercises To Get Abs At Home
My 10 Min Abs Workout Routine


Let me explain a bit about my abs workout routine before you roll the video :)

We have 3 sections of the workout with 4 abs exercises each.

We’re doing each exercise for 30 seconds for as many rounds as possible, with no rest in between the 4 workouts.

However, to spice things a bit, we’re doing 1 min burpees at the beginning and at the end of section 1, again with no rest.

After we finish with section one, we rest for 30 seconds and then we move on to section two.

Section 2 is 4 movements done back to back with no rest in between.

Once we finish with the 4 exercises, we immediately go for another minute burpees, before we rest for another 30 seconds.

Section 3 is the same, except instead of finishing off with burpees, we’re doing a one minute plank hold.

Let’s get started with the exercises already!


For those of you who are not fans of workout videos, I got you!

Here are the exercises explained… 

– Section 1 –

1 min

burpees Best Exercises To Get Abs At Home

30 sec

single leg v ups

30 sec

mountain climbers pulse ups - Abs Workout Routine

30 sec

sit up reach - how get abs at home

30 sec

mountain climbers cross pulse - exercises to get abs

1 min

burpees - abs 10 min


30 sec

– Section 2 –

30 sec

knees to chest - abs hiit workout

30 sec

leg lifts - exercises to get abs

30 sec

abs at home - mountain climbers

30 sec

plank hold - abs hiit workout

1 min

burpees - abs 10 min


30 sec

– Section 3 –

30 sec

crunches - abs workout routine

30 sec

hollow body hold

30 sec

L raises - abs for women

30 sec

sit ups - abs at home

1 min

plank hold - 10 min abs workout routine

Final Notes

Always pick quality over quantity when working out.

It’s not important how many reps you do in the 30 seconds – it’s about if you do the exercises right.

I would rather you do 4 reps in 30 seconds but do them slow and control, rather than doing 15 reps with bad form and room for injuries.

If you are a beginner, feel free to do modifications to the exercises.

Also, I am obsessed with dressing comfy when working out.

I feel like working out is already hard enough, and I can make it a bit easier if I wear workout appropriate clothes.

That being said, my latest favorite activewear clothes brand is HYLETE.

hylete - abs workout at home

For today’s workout, I wear their navy lavender Lumis Sports Bra and the lavender Trace T Back Tank.

The sports bra is super supportive and comfy and the tank top feels so light and soft, almost like I don’t wear anything at all.

Head on to check them out right now!

hylete - abs for women

Try Out My Abs HIIT Workout Now!

It’s your turn, babe!

Try out my 10 min abs workout routine right now and let me know if you like it.

My exercises to get abs at home will help you get those abs you’ve always wanted.

However, for more info regarding abs, make sure to check out my articles bellow:

And last, please know that you are beautiful and you are gorgeous with or without those abs.

Self-love is so important, so along the way to getting your dream abs, don’t forget to do it more.

Remember, we’re not perfect and that’s what makes us beautiful!

Learn to love yourself as you are and focus on health instead of perfection.

It’s all about how you feel inside out in the end.

Till next time, babes!

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