Chest is a muscle group that is very popular in the male workout programs.

However, when it comes to us girls, most of us think that chest development should be left to the men.

In fact, most females are under the impression that chest training should be left out of the picture.

And the question is why are girls afraid of doing weight bench and or other chest exercises?

And the answer is: There are many reasons why not, but twice more reasons why you should do chest workout if you’re a girl!

If you are interested in knowing the many benefits of adding a chest day workout into your everyday total body workout routine, check them out in my post: chest mass workout

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You’ll be amazed by the fact why it is important to lift it up and have a chest day once a week.

Now, when we made it clear that girls should not skip chest workout, let’s see the best chest workout routine.

  • This is gym chest workout, so if you want to do it at home, you’re gonna need some home gym equipment.
  • For this killer chest workout routine, you’re gonna need some free weights, sit up bench, dumbbells, a bar or smith machine.
  • These amazing chest workouts for women will pop your boobs up, tone them and make them look hot.
  • Every exercise should be done with a lot of weights, so that your chest muscles are challenged.
  • Every chest exercise should be preformed with 3-4 sets and 8-13 reps.

Now, let’s get started with the best chest workouts!

killer chest workout routine#1 Bench Press

The first exercise that you wanna do is the bench press!

The bench press is one of the hallmark exercises of strength training and it’s one that women need to embrace if they want to make real improvements to their fitness and strength.

Here’s what you should do:

Select a weight so you can perform between 8 and 12 presses.

If it’s too easy on you, that means that you should load up the weights.

Also, you can do this chest workout with a bar on the weight benches, or with a pair of dumbbells.

It is very important to make changes, so if the previous training was with a bar, make sure you do the next one with dumbbells.

killer chest workout

#2 Incline Bench Press

The next exercise you want to do is the incline bench press.chest mass workout

This exercise is very important, because it is the key to developing a strong upper body.

As the best upper chest workout, this press workout is the best chest workout for mass.

This means that you’re getting visually bigger boobs as your upper chest muscles get stronger.

Together with the bench press, they make the best chest mass workout.

It is actually the same as the regular bench press, the only difference is in the bench.

You may be tempted to try the same amount of weights as you lift on the regular bench press, but be careful because the incline bench press is harder to perform.

When performing it, you’re using less muscles to go through the move, so it’s a bit harder.

As with the other exercises, you should do this one once with a barbell, and the next training with dumbbells too.

#3 Butterfly and Dumbbell Flyes

The dumbbell fly is an exercise used to stimulate the pectoral muscles in the chest.

It is performed by holding dumbbells, one in each hand, lying back on a bench or flat surface, and actually flying with the weights down.

upper chest workoutYour elbows should stay fairly fixed and your arms almost straight.

The dumbbell version is for those days when you have a bench press with dumbbells. On the barrel chest day, you should do this exercise on the machine.

The movement is same, the only thing is that you’re in a vertical position when performing it on a machine.

However, I prefer doing it with the free weights, because this exercise is actually the best dumbbell chest workout.

#4 Dumbbell Pullover

At the end, don’t forget the Dumbbell Pullover.chest workout routine

This is one lower chest workout that is very important.

It comes at the end of your workout, and it engages but at the same time stretches the muscles.

This one is not hard muscle engaging workout, but still it is a great way to give a finishing touch to your chest big chest workout routine.

You should always do this exercise at the end of the chest workout.

Also, be careful not to engage the triceps muscles while performing this exercise.

Take your time to learn the movement first and then increase the weights.

#5 Push Up

At the end of the chest training, you can do some push ups, to give a great finish to your workout.

I always add a few sets of push ups at the end of my chest day.

This is a great exercise, because you can perform these chest workouts at home.

gym chest workoutThe push ups are one of the fewest chest workouts without weights.

It’s hard but you can do it as you train.

Here’s how to do it right:

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