Squats are one marvelous exercise.

Out of all the fitness exercises, they are my favorite one!

You should do them at least once a week, and of course, on your leg day.

After I’ve shown you the Full Leg Workout Routine and how to Get Sexy Legs, now it’s time to see why the squats are so important.

The first exercise when it comes to leg workout, and the most important of all, are always the squats.

You should do squats with head up, chest up, butt back, abs in, and you should drop it down to the floor!Squats Benefits

I prefer doing them with a squat barbell, because I think they are more effective that way. 

But you can still do dumbbell squats too, if you like them better.

Also, you have to load them with weights, because it has to be challenging in order to be body changing.

Let’s see the importance and the squats benefits in the leg workout, in the butt workout, but also one of the most important exercises when it comes to weight loss.

So let’s get started!


1. Tones the Legs

First of all, squats are the most important exercise when it comes to your legs.

They are actually the one exercise that always comes first on your leg day.

Squat exercises thoroughly engage every single leg muscle:

  • quadriceps,
  • hamstrings,
  • calf muscles.

This helps in the process of toning and strengthen your legs.

As you squat down every single day, you get closer to your goal – getting sexy toned legs.

The right way to do them is with challenging weights, 3-4 sets and 8-13 reps.


2. Burn More FatSquats Benefits

Squats are also hugely beneficial for burning fat.

Since they recruit all of your lower body, they act as a fat burning exercise.

When doing squats, you are burning a lot of calories, so that means you are burning a lot of fat.

Through the squat movement, you’re not only shaping your leg muscles, you’re cleaning them from the fat that’s wrapped all over them.

And not only your legs, but your whole body loses calories and sweats.

If done with the right weight range, one set of squats is proven to burn a lot more calories, compared to any other exercise.


3. Lifts Your Butt

When doing squats, not only that you burn more fat, and make stronger legs.

Other benefit of this amazing exercise is actually popping up your butt.

Who needs butt exercises, when we have squads?!

Squats are the most important exercise when it comes to butt too.

They give it a nice shape and a great tone, because they work on the butt muscles too.

I’ve made a Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Routine for you.

You can see there that the leading exercise is again the squat!



4. Strengthens the ABSSquats Benefits

Well can you believe this?

Working on your legs and butt and your abs in the same time?!

As you go down the squat movement, you strengthen your abs.

So, you can see why squat is considered as a great fat burning exercise?

It doesn’t target just one muscle group, and it almost give you a full body workout.

Although you contract your core muscles to correctly perform the squat exercise, the use of your abs doesn’t tie into the burning of belly fat.

But the muscles get stronger, that’s a fact!

It’s a misconception that it’s possible to work a specific muscle group and burn the fat directly around that muscle, or choose the region of your body from which you lose fat.


Reasons Why You Should Do Squats5. Increases Flexibility

Doing squats increase your whole body flexibility.

Starting from:

  • ankles
  • knees
  • hips
  • lower back

Many body parts are utilized in the squatting motion.

You should only make sure to maintain proper form in order to avoid injury.

Otherwise, you just make your whole body stronger!


6. Boost Your Sports PerformanceReasons Why You Should Do Squats


Doing squats will boost your sports performance.

That means, that squats will make you jump higher and run faster!

This is actually why this exercise is a part of the professional athlete’s training program.

It’s a hell of an exercise, that’s why!



7. Makes You Stronger

Squats can actually help you improve both your upper and lower body strength.

They make you stronger not only when it comes to the muscles they target, but bones and whole body as a piece too.

If you like these squats benefits, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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