Who doesn’t want to have nice and toned abs? We all dream of having them, don’t we? But sexy and gorgeous abs are not an easy work at all. When you see a picture of a girl with toned abs, you admire her, and you should because the way of getting them is full of storms and full of rocks. Sexy abs are not a myth, you can have them too, but you have to know the way. It is not easy, and it is not simple especially if you are not fit. It is hard to get them, but it is very easy to lose them. It takes commitment and hard work to get them, and discipline to keep them. Here are the most important things you have to know, if you are on your way to look amazing.

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Get an every day workout routine

First of all, it is very important for you to be in form. If you are already working on your body fitness, you are half way there. Every day workout is the most important thing. That way you already have discipline and commitment and to get these things is very hard.



Do cardio workouts

Secondly, you have to do cardio. A lot of cardio! Cardio is the best thing that you can do for your body, it improves your health, it burns fat, and by that you are losing weight. We all have fat in our body, especially on the stomach area, and that fat is the hardest to go away. The definition of cardio workout is “anything that gets you heart rate”. By doing cardio you are doing a great job for your heart, and also you are burning fat by losing a lot of calories. There are plenty of choices for cardio exercises, but some of them are the best when it comes to your abs. Running is one of them. Also, if you workout in a gym, you can use a running tape, and you can burn the fat by other cardio exercises, such as fast walking. Orbitrek, stepper and gym bicycle are also exercises that will pop out your abs muscles.


Eat clean

Next, is the food. Well, you have to know that all this will be pointless if you are not eating right. Your stomach shouldn’t be a wasted basket. You have to pick carefully ,and eat healthy food that has less calories, and food that is full of protein. Eating clean is one of the most important parts in your trip to gorgeous and sexy abs. Remember, muscles are made in the kitchen.


Abs exercises

And last, are the abs exercises. They are last, because they are nothing without cardio and clean eating. There are millions of abs exercises, and you can pick several that you like the most. They will make your abs stronger, and they are representing the last, or the baking process in this recipe for sexy abs.

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