You have to agree with me when I say that nowadays, the internet is loaded up with so much fitness and health info.

There are so many people that claim they’re fitness experts, when the only thing they truly want is to sell you their story.

That’s actually the main reason why so many people still struggle to lose weight and get fit – because of the misleading info the modern fitness world provides.

I hate to admit that more than half of the blogs out there are just a fake try to make profit, and have nothing to do with coaching and fitness knowledge.

That’s why, today, I decided to take the opportunity and give you these few and simple fitness tips that helped me lose fat, tone muscles and become a better athlete.

They will help you, especially if you’re new to fitness and want to start changing your life.

I always like to say that the first step to losing weight and getting fit is to constantly learn about fitness and health, so that’s what I’ll do today – unravel my fitness “secrets”, that helped me get better results.

With the help of Fitness And Power, and their amazing fitness tips I decided to collect the top 10 to guide you to a better performance.

Let’s get started right away! simple fitness tips

Tip #1: Weight Lifting Is The Key

You might already know this, but I have to make sure you know anyway, that strength training is the key to toned muscles, fit body and better performance.

And not only that you should include it in your everyday lifestyle, but you should definitely make sure to give your 100% when doing it.

Light weight for light muscles is a COMPLETELY WRONG opinion, that most of the girls are used to saying.

You have to understand that in order to change yourself, you have to give your best and nothing less.

Also, you need to learn everything about strength training before you choose the best workout program for you and start lifting.

Tip #2: Spot Fat Reduction Is NOT Possible

Regardless of what they say on TV, you can’t lose fat just on your belly, arms or thighs.
Fat loss is the result of a consistent and effective cardio program and diet plan which causes a total loss of fat over your entire body.” – Fitness And Power

So stop doing thousands of crunches in an attempt to get a six pack, because that’s not possible.

Skipping some muscle groups, while concentrating on other is a big mistake.

You’re only slowing yourself down.

Your body is a whole piece, so you should work on it that way.

Tip #3: Include Compound Exercises In Your Training

Compound workouts are movements that engage more than one joint.

For example, squats, dead-lifts, bench press, shoulder press, barbell row…

Isolation exercise have their own benefits for sure, but compound movements are the foundation of every weightlifting program and absolutely vital for successful training.

You should also make sure to add them at the beginning:

Your training should revolve around the first one or two movements in your program, because these moves are the most beneficial.
If you put your entire nut-sack into your first movement and don’t hold back, you’ll be better off than the Nancys who stuff an hour with less-than-useful movements so they can pat themselves on the back.” – Bodybuilding

Tip #4: Do Constant Changes

One workout plan can work perfectly, but it won’t work forever, for sure.

Sooner or later your body will get used to the stress it goes through, and will adapt to the movements you put it through, and that’s the main reason why you should change something every now and then.

Starting from increasing the weight you lift and increasing the reps in each set, to adding new exercises and making your workout fresh.

This way, your body will stay challenged, and will continue to provide you great results.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget Cardio

You have to include cardio in your training sessions.


Because cardio is really beneficial, especially when it comes to us girls.

Cardio will speed up the fat loss and increase your insulin sensitivity, while burning the last sources of calories you have!

Just remember to always do it at the end of your training session, right after the strength training, NEVER before it!

You definitely don’t want to lose the energy on cardio if you do it first.

Also, countless hours on the treadmill or static bike are not necessary – 20-30 minutes will set you up.

Tip #6: Muscles Are Made In The Kitchen Too

You should know that no great body is build on a poor diet.

Without including high quality foods on daily basis, you can’t expect it to work.

You can get the best results in the gym, but still ruin it all with one bad meal.

So make sure to clean up your diet, so that you get the best.

Tip #7: Kick Out Sugars And Bad Carbs

Sugar is fitness and health’s worst enemy!

It’s the modern drug of our generation, and it has to be left out of the picture, if you want to maintain a healthy life.

What you should focus on is eating foods that are high in proteins, fibers, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and kick out plain carbs and as many sugary sources as you can!

Sugar is the main cause for heart disease, diabetes and obesity, and causes many other organ dysfunctions, so if you really want to improve your health and get fit for life, you should forget about it!

Tip #8: Make Sure You Train More Than 4 Times A Week

If you want to get fit and stay fit, you have to make sure to add the training sessions on your daily menu.

Most of the people that are really fit, exercise 6 times a week.

One day rest is more than enough, so make sure to squeeze in a workout at least 5 times a week.

Also, never rest more than 3 days – it can really hurt your shape.

Tip #9: Take The Right Supplementssimple fitness tips to get fit

There is no need to take supplements in order to get fit, but they can help you get your goal faster.

So why not, right?

One of the supplements I use is whey protein.

It helps the muscles grow, recover and get their strength faster.

Just make sure to double check for hidden sugars before deciding which one you’ll buy.

Tip #10:  Stretch At The End Of Every Workout

Stretching provides great flexibility and that’s the main reason why you should do it after every single training.

The effects of stretching will actually assist in your lifting, and provide you better performance.

Some will say they don’t have the flexibility, that’s why they avoid stretching, but I will say:

How else you’re supposed to get flexible if you avoid flexibility exercises?

Also, make sure to always stretch after the training – NEVER before it!

Warm muscles are looser and more pliable!” – Breaking Muscle

I hope these simple fitness tips will help you achieve your goal of becoming fit and healthy.

And, remember, it takes years to build a great body, and just a few weeks to ruin it!

Fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life!

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