So, you’re here…


Stopping by on this post means that you want to lose weight, but you either don’t know where to start or you’ve tried so many times but quit after a few days (or you’re one of those “I’ll start next Monday” kind of gals)

Well, no worries girls – you’re not alone and as a mater of fact you’re in the right place at the right time.

And today is day you’re making it happen.

For all of you feeling like you want to give up, stop, because I made a 10 step plan for all of you struggling to get back on track and lose weight for good.

This easy step by step guide will show you the right path to finally start living healthy and lose those damn inches once and for all.

Stay with me as we go through every single obstacle standing in your way.

Let’s get started right away!


Step 1: If Not Now Then When?!

Collecting strength and motivation start a weight loss journey is the first thing you have to do.

And if you were waiting for a sign – THIS IS IT!

We’re always fooling ourselves with expressions like “I’ll start next Monday” or “I’ll start next month”.

No! Start now!

You’ve been waiting for so freaking long – there’s no need to wait longer.

Stop hesitating and waiting, and just start already!

If it’s really important to you, push that voice in your head that’s constantly doubting you and start today.

Step 2: Start Eating Healthy

If someone ask me what is the single best thing they can do to get healthy, feel better and lose weight, I’ll say – Start eating healthy.

Proper nutrition is the key to not only weight loss but happier balanced life, stronger body and better health.

And you should’t just go on any diet you run onto – keto, atkins, “1000 calories per day” diet, protein diet… forget about all of that.

You certainly don’t need a strict diet to lose weight and gain it back once you cross it.

You need a healthy & clean eating nutrition plan, where you can eat as much as you crave as long as you make sure to keep it healthy.

And since nowadays we don’t know what’s healthy and what’s not anymore (because of the plenty of misleading info out there), I made it all easy with my nutrition plan, Burn Baby Burn.

Burn Baby Burn is a 4-week diet plan that I packed for any fierce babe out there that wants to jumpstart weight loss and get healthy and fit through nutrition.

I’ve also packed a nutrition guide for you, called “The Hungry Fit Girl” which is an eBook to become your own nutrition expert. 

It guides you to recognize foods that are ruining your weight loss efforts, helps you set up some healthy habits and healthy cooking habits and most important of all – it helps you set your mind on healthy food.

Both of them are an instant download PDFs which means – YOU CAN START TODAY!

Step 3: Stop Eating Unhealthy Food

As important as eating healthy is, it’s also important to stop consuming bad foods.

Starting from processed foods, to sugars and all kinds of sweets and junk foods, including fast foods and “healthy” labeled foods that are far away from healthy but still sit on the 100% natural and organic shelf.

Make sure all of the unhealthy foods out of your menu and you’ll be all set.

PS: If you’re not sure about what is healthy and what’s not – no worries. I’ve dedicated a full chapter in my nutrition plan on your worst enemies when it comes to unhealthy foods.

Step 4: Start Working Out

Just start moving.

Let it be 20-30 minutes a day for starters, a light jog or some beginners full body routine.

As time goes by you’ll find your own way and find your kind of training that works best for you.

For me, the biggest impact on both losing weight and tone some muscles, made a HIIT workout, with high intensity exercises, Tabata, explosive movements and lots of heavy weights.

Here’s my WORKOUT PLAN if you want to check it out.

Nowadays we know that it’s not all about the time you spend working out, but the intensity and effort you give during it.

That’s why my workout routine takes only 30 minutes of my day, but trust me after those 30 minutes I feel like I can’t do a single rep more.

My workout program will give you exactly what you need, so head on to try it out right now!

Step 5: Set Up Some Healthy Habits

Next stop are the habits.

Aside from eating healthy and working out daily, there are a few habits you have to include in your everyday life.

Here are some of my daily habits that helped me lose weight and stay fit and balanced:

  • Start the day with a glass of water
  • Do yoga yoga routine
  • Have a quality sleep, 7-8 hrs
  • Have healthy snacks
  • Read food labels 
  • Start meal prepping
  • Always eat salads as a side dish

Step 6: Plan And Track Everything

Planning is the key to success.

If you plan it, you’re more likely to do it and that’s a fact.

Here’s why planning is important:


And did you know that 66% of people that set a fitness goal quit within one month?

That’s because they’re failing to make a plan.

You should plan and track everything starting from your goals and resolutions to meals, workouts, habits and results.

The more organized you are and the more time you spend on planning, the more closer you get to your goals.

Check out my fitness planner to help you plan it all.

Step 7: Motivate Yourself Daily

Motivation is everything in when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, eat healthy, keep up with working out every day or anything at all – if you’re motivated enough you’ll do it, if not you’ll find an excuse.

You have to be motivated AF if you want to get serious results and really crush all of your goals.

And one of my favorite ways to get motivated is with fitness motivational posters.

They help you remember why this is important to you and why you should keep pushing every single day, over and over again.

I have plenty of posters on my blog, so here’re just a few of them:

Another great way to keep yourself motivated is my favorite rule:

 If you look like someone who wants to workout and eat healthy you will act like someone who workout and eat healthy!

Workout clothing puts you in the zone for sure.

Wearing workout clothes will increase your confidence, especially if you can combine workout clothes with inspiring quotes.

Step 8: Make It A Part Of Who You Are

And the last step is to make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle and a part of who you are.

Not only dress, act, think and eat like a healthy and fit person, but live and surrounds yourself with people who support you and make you want to be better.

Make it a part of your social life, and have a friend or two working out and eating healthy with you, even better – convince your family to try and incorporate some of your healthy habits in their lives.

Let them all know you as the girl who eats healthy and takes care of herself.

It’s not about a certain weight goal anymore, it’s about staying healthy, balanced and fit for life.

Be the spark of motivation for others and you’ll get one step closer to achieving almost any goal in your life.

Now Come On, Spread The Word!

Share this with your friends and convince them to try it with you.

My 8 step plan to lose weight for good will help you get healthy, lose those damn inches and build a new you.

So, don’t hesitate or doubt yourself anymore and start NOW!