In order to stay fit and be healthy, we have to workout almost every day, and if the workout is not our habit, then we’ll find ourselves struggling to make a good excuse so that we don’t feel guilty for the rest of our day. But what if we really have a long day of work, and pretty busy schedule, and on top of that we are busy moms? Well that’s why I’m here for.

I’ll make a busy moms workout schedule for all of you moms out there that want to get fit and sexy. I know many moms that workout every single day, and they have hard rock bodies, and 3 kids. So you don’t have to give the mom excuse, just read these ideas and get working now!


Make a Schedule And Commit To It

Make a schedule and pick when is the best time for you to exercise, or when you have the most free time. For example, right after you send the kids off to school, or if your kids are too little to go to school, pick the time when they fall asleep.  In the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening – doesn’t matter, because the best thing that helps us keep the habit is doing it in the same time as before. So, pick the best option and do it in that exact same time, every single day, even if that means waking up earlier.


The Best Workout Program

I have many workout programs, but this one is the best for you. I’ve done this myself, it is a split workout program, so they last shorter. You should do 3 sets with 10-13 reps of each exercise.

Day 1: Chest (4 exercises) + Biceps (3 exercises)

Day 2: Back (4 exercises) +Triceps  (3 exercises)

Day 3: Legs (6 exercises) + Butt(2 exercises)

Day 4: Shoulders (5 exercises) +  Cardio (30 min)

Day 5: Cardio (30 minutes) + ABS

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

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Invest In Fitness Equipment

When you’re a mom, it’s harder to get off to the gym. There are days in our life when we just cannot make it to the gym, and we could use that half an hour that we lose to get there. Because of that, it would be a great idea to make an exercising area in your home. You may think this is very expensive and you need a lot of space, but I’m here to show you how to make it with a lower budget. I have a home gym space for over a year now, so believe me it makes a big difference.

You may not have time to go to the gym, but you cannot make an excuse to yourself if you can make it at home.
Here is a little project I made recently about Everything You Need To Know To Make A Low Budget Home Gym Space. You can consider investing in this, because it works!


Any Workout Is Better Than No Workout

We’ve talked about the perfect timing for workout, and it’s around an hour a day. But hey, in the end any workout is better than no workout, so always have that in mind. It’s better to do just 30 minutes running, than to do nothing at all. So, grab you snickers and go for a short run, or find a cardio program on Youtube.

There are many programs online. I love the Shaun T team, they’ve made a 30 minutes workout a day, just for the busy people, so no excuses now, okay? Choose something over nothing.

Busy Moms Workout

Include Your Kids

I’ve found many moms over the internet that are working out together with their kids. Your kids would love it, and they’ll definitely want to do something together with their mommy. So think of a way to include them in your workouts, for example squat while you’re holding them. They’re gonna love it!

While I was in Sweden, I saw many moms and dads, running with their babies in the wheels stroller or even in the baby carrier. So if you want to you can definitely do it.

Busy Moms Workout

Eat Clean

No matter if you’re eating in a restaurant or you’re making your own dinners, you have to choose smart. Make healthier meal options, because in the end it all comes down to the diet. So, don’t skip meals and don’t starve, just make some healthier meals.

For example, after your workout, don’t even think about getting carbs in your body, because you’re gonna need some protein based meal for your muscles. Before the workout you can have a carb based meal, but keep it as healthy as you can. The salads should be on your everyday menu for sure, so make sure you add some greens too.

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